Worm Castings - All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (PICK UP ONLY)

Worm Castings - All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (PICK UP ONLY)

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Vermicompost or worm castings are an organic fertilizer "produced" by compost worms... yes, it's worm poop! It contains all the essential nutrients and beneficial microbes for practically ANY plant (indoor or outdoor) and is an amazing fertilizer and soil amendment. You can apply it directly to your plants as a top dressing, or brew them into your own compost tea. When applied to plant foliage, worm castings helps boost the health of diseased and infested plants. Never worry about overfertilizing with worm castings! Unlike conventional fertilizers, worm castings does NOT cause chemical burns with over-fertilization.

Unlike store-bought worm castings that slowly degrades in quality while they sit on the shelf, our castings are freshly harvested & sifted through 3mm screen within 30 days from when you receive the product and is brimming with beneficial microbes. There is no foul smell like other animal manure you can purchase commercially, vermicompost smells like earth. The castings may contain worms, worm cocoons, or other composting organisms - all harmless to your plants and are beneficial to a healthy soil environment. These creatures only consume and break down "dead" materials. White specks found in the worm castings, ground eggshells, and crushed oyster shells that acts as pH buffer and provides healthy amounts of calcium to your soil.


For Potted Plants:
Mix 1/2 to 1 cup of castings into the first inch of the soil every 3-4 months

For Transplants:
Mix 1-2 cups of castings into transplant hole prior to transplanting

For Seed Starting:
Mix 1 part castings for every 4 part seed starting medium (e.g. coco coir, peat moss)