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Worm composting helps you get rid of food waste, and gives you good quality compost for your garden. 

Red wigglers are known to be the best all round composting worm - especially suitable for beginners. They are easy to care for and can survive Vancouver winter outdoors if given a large system that does not freeze over (needs to be sheltered from rain).

Worms by Weight*:
The worms (adults and juveniles) are weighed BEFORE bedding is added. Worms comes with approximately 4 L of inoculated bedding.

*1 LB of red wigglers consists of approx. 1000-1200 adult and juvenile worms. Count may vary depending on size of worms.

Worms by Count:
Adult worms are worms with a fully developed reproductive organ (the clitellum). The adult worms are hand counted every order. By default, the worms are packed in a small jute bag with small amounts of bedding.

Inoculated Bedding:

You will often see guides for starting a new worm bin includes a step to add garden soil, manure, or finished compost to your system - this is the inoculation process that introduces beneficial microbes to your worm composter to aid with the organic matter decomposition process. TriCity Worm's Inculcated Bedding is comprised of the pre-existing bedding from the worms' current home that are already "inoculated" with such microbes and contains baby worms and worm cocoons. Purchasing the worms with inoculated bedding gives your worms a stress-free transition to their new home and eliminates the two-week recommended waiting time before your first feeding.

We do not have a physical store front, but we are happy to offer pick up at a residential location near Lougheed Town Center in Burquitlam. 

Disclaimer: Our red wigglers are Eisenia fetida. However, we are unable to guarantee species purity and your order MAY contain other breeds of composting worms such as Indian Blues (Perionyx excavatus). Purchasing the adult worms option will grant you the highest species purity as the worms are inspected and identified individually during order preparation.