About Us

TriCity Worms is a small business located in the City of Coquitlam, British Columbia that sells compost worms and vermicompost (worm castings). The worms are also popular among fishermen for live bait, and reptile owners for feed. Worm composting is a great way to help reduce your household organic waste. While many municipalities have an organic waste pick up program, a truckload of organic waste can easily end up in the landfill due to contamination of inorganic waste. Through vermicomposting, you can see the process of upcycling your organic waste into an amazing fertilizer, also known as black gold, in front of your own eyes!

I started vermicomposting to reduce my household waste and create my own organic fertilizers for my little vegetable garden I start up every spring. Slowly, the love for breeding worms took over and I decided to sell composting worms as a small business. The upscaling of the business started in winter of 2020. I have increased the number of worm farms to raise more worms and produce more vermicompost. Some friends and family generously offered me their backyards for me to set up the worm farms (as I live in an apartment and cannot operate on site). In exchange, they get free worm castings for their gardens! My goal is to invest and grow my business in the future. I am currently looking to source organic waste from a local grocery store, farmer's market, or restaurant to source organic waste (vegetables, fruits, coffee grounds, tea leaves, etc.) - pick up is free of charge! Please reach out at contact@tricityworms.com if your business would like to work with us!