When and where can I pick up my order?

If you live in Greater Vancouver, you can save on shipping by picking up the order in Burnaby. Please read the pick-up instruction HERE. 

Do you offer free shipping?

At this time, we are only able to offer free shipping to BC and Alberta and $15 flat rate for other provinces on selected products only (product name will indicate "FREE SHIPPING..."). All other products will have shipping rate calculated at check out.

When will my order be shipped? 

Please see below for our general shipping schedule. The schedule is not a guarantee and are subject to changes due to extenuating circumstances.

Local orders (within Metro Vancouver):

  • Orders placed before Tuesday 6:00PM are generally scheduled to ship on the same week.
  • Orders placed after Tuesday 6:00PM are scheduled to ship the following week.

Rest of Canada:

  • Orders placed before 6:00 PM PST on Sunday are scheduled to ship the following Monday or Tuesday, unless otherwise stated on our website.
  • Orders placed after the cut-off time are scheduled to ship the following week.

In general, live worms are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays only. TriCity Worms offers Live Delivery Guarantee (exceptions apply) for your worms. Customers must reach out within 24 hours from delivery with description of problem and photo evidence (shipping is non-refundable). 

What are the exceptions to Live Delivery Guarantee?

We are unable to offer Live Delivery Guarantee for situations outside of our control, such as extreme heat/cold weather and natural disasters leading to delays in shipping network. If the weather condition is unsuitable for shipping, we will reach out to you to confirm if you would still like to ahead with shipment without the Live Delivery Guarantee.

Live Delivery Guarantee is also voided in specific scenarios including but not limited to below:

  • Customer failed to pick up order from shipper within 2 days
  • Delay in shipment caused by incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by customer (including missing buzzer or access code for delivery). Customers may email us to correct the shipping address prior to the order being shipped.
  •  Unforeseeable disruptions during transportation 

How are composting worms priced? Why do I notice frequent price fluctuations?
Many beginner vermicomposters are surprised by the cost of composting worms. A worm breeding operation has the highest cost in time and energy/labour, which is accounted for when pricing a product. Prices also fluctuate priced based on supply and demand of the market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for composting worms sky rocketed. This resulted in a decrease in supply and increased in price of worms. You may also find that composting worms are more expensive up in Canada compared to US. This is due to the higher operational cost from our colder climate and higher land cost. Many large worm sellers import from the US and the pandemic had some negative impacts in that process as well.

Shopify checkout is not accepting my credit/debit card, what do I do?

For credit and debit card transactions, it is essential that your billing information  (name, address, postal code) matches exactly as what is on file for your credit/debit card. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected due to fraud prevention program in place. 

You are still able to purchase and ship to different delivery address! Simply add a different shipping address to your order.

Why do you not accept PayPal?

We made the difficult decision to disable PayPal Express checkout due to the frequent suspicious and fraudulent orders we receive. As a small business, we face financial difficulties when suffering significant losses through delivered product and chargeback from the payment provider.