WE WILL BE CLOSED ON MAY 19-MAY 24. Orders received before Sat, May 18 at 12:00pm PST will be shipped on Tue, May 21. We will resume shipping the remaining orders on Mon, May 27.

Our Story

TriCity Worms is a small e-commerce business that begun its journey in the City of Coquitlam, British Columbia. We sell compost worms and vermicompost (worm castings). The worms are also popular among fishermen for live bait, and reptile owners for feed. Worm composting is a great way to help reduce your household organic waste. While many municipalities have an organic waste pick up program, a truckload of organic waste can easily end up in the landfill due to contamination of inorganic waste. Through vermicomposting, you can see the process of upcycling your organic waste into an amazing fertilizer, also known as black gold, in front of your own eyes! Even though we have no physical store front, we partnered with BOSS Business Centre in Burnaby in June 2022 to accommodate for the much in demand pick-up orders. For more information on pick-up orders, please visit our FAQ page.

Our vermicomposting journey began in 2018, with concerns about the amount of waste my household produced and wanted to find a solution. We discovered vermicomposting, a process of using worms to turn organic matter into compost. We built a simple bin, added bedding and worms and watched as the worms transformed the food scraps into nutrient-rich compost. We used the compost to fertilize our small vegetable garden and saw an improvement in growth and taste. Vermicomposting not only reduced our household waste but also helped us grow healthier and more delicious vegetables. Back in 2018, there were very limited options for ordering composting worms in Canada, and thus we decided to start a business breeding and selling composting worms so others can also enjoy the joy of vermicomposting. 

Even though our operation no longer takes place within the TriCities, we decided to stick with the name to pay homage to where it all begun for me.