WE WILL BE CLOSED ON MAY 19-MAY 24. Orders received before Sat, May 18 at 12:00pm PST will be shipped on Tue, May 21. We will resume shipping the remaining orders on Mon, May 27.

Live Worms Guarantee

Our Live Worms Guarantee policy applies to both pick up and delivery orders.

Delivery Orders

If the worms you ordered are dead on arrival (DOA), you are eligible for refund of the product purchased (cost of shipping excluded) or a re-shipment of your order. If shipping was included for your order, a re-shipment may incur extra shipping cost. A shipping quote will be provided to you at the time of request.

To submit a claim for Live Delivery Guarantee you will need to provide photo evidence within 24 hours of receipt of the package. In the case the carrier issues a pick up notice the package must be picked up from the carrier depot within 24 hours of delivery to maintain eligibility for the Live Delivery Guarantee. 

Live Delivery Guarantee for delivery orders is voided in specific scenarios including but not limited to below:

  • Customer failed to pick up order from courier depot within 24 hours of pick up notice being dropped off.
  • Shipment of worms under unfavorable weather conditions are NOT covered by the Live Delivery Guarantee. You will be informed if we determine the weather may be unsuitable for shipment and given the choice to forfeit the guarantee or delay shipment of your order.
  • Delay in shipment caused by incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by customer, including failure to provide a buzzer code for multifamily buildings. Customers may email us to correct the shipping address prior to the order being shipped.
  •  Unforeseeable weather events or natural disaster

Pick Up Orders

Live Worms Guarantee is also applicable for customers who select pick up option at check out.

Customers must pick up their orders within two business days or before last business day of the week from the date the Ready for Pick Up notification is sent. Failure to do so will void the the Live Worms Guarantee.

If you are unable to pick up the worms within the time frame, please contact us immediately at contact@tricityworms.com to make special arrangements.

Should the worms perish after two business days, the order will be discarded by the office and no refunds will be issued.

Live Delivery Guarantee for pick up orders is voided in specific scenarios including but not limited to below:

  • Customer fails to pick up within two business days of the order being ready for pick up
  • Customer fails to pick up their order before last day of the business week.
  • Customer fails to communicate with us to re-arrange pick up time within two business days of order being ready for pick up.