Bait-Size European Nightcrawlers

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European Nightcrawlers, sometimes called "super reds", are the larger cousin of Red Wigglers. They are slightly more sensitive to temperature and barometric pressure changes and this can pose as a challenge to a beginner vermicomposter. They process organic waste as efficiently as Red Wigglers (better in my personal experience!) and many raise them for fishing or to feed their pet reptiles.

They are amazing for fishing because unlike dew worms, they do NOT need to be refrigerated or kept in a cooler. Simply avoid sun exposure, ensure bedding remains damp, and keep them in temperature above freezing and below 25 degree Celsius.

Bait-Size Worms:
The worms comes in a small cardboard box filled with coco coir bedding, so you can safely carried them with you to your next fishing trip. Do NOT refrigerate your bait-size ENC's! If for use on your fishing trip on a later date: keep the bedding moist (like a well-rung wet sponge), and avoid exposure to direct sunlight & temperature exceeding 25°C for prolonged periods of time.

We do not have a physical store front, but we are happy to offer pick up at a residential location near Lougheed Town Center in Burquitlam.