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European Nightcrawlers, sometimes called "super reds", are the larger cousin of Red Wigglers. They are slightly more sensitive to temperature and barometric pressure changes and this can pose as a challenge to a beginner vermicomposter. They process organic waste as efficiently as Red Wigglers (better in my personal experience!) and many raise them for fishing or to feed their pet reptiles.

They are amazing for fishing because unlike dew worms, they do NOT need to be refrigerated or kept in a cooler. Simply avoid sun exposure, ensure bedding remains damp, and keep them in temperature above freezing and below 25 degree Celsius.

Worms by Weight:
The worms consist of majority adults and some juveniles and are weighed before any bedding is added. They are typically smaller than bait-size ENC's, sold separately. You may purchase these with or without 4 L of inoculated bedding.

Inoculated Bedding:
You will often see guides for starting a new worm bin includes a step to add garden soil, manure, or finished compost to your system - this is the inoculation process that introduces beneficial microbes to your worm composter to aid with the organic matter decomposition process. TriCity Worm's Inculcated Bedding is comprised of the pre-existing bedding from the worms' current home that are already "inoculated" with such microbes and contains baby worms and worm cocoons. Purchasing the worms with inoculated bedding gives your worms a stress-free transition to their new home and eliminates the two-week recommended waiting time before your first feeding.

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